1.What area do you service?

2.What does it cost?

3.How long do they stay?

4.What do they do?

5.Do they come alone?

6.Can we take pictures?

7.How long till they arrive?

8.Do you require a credit card?

9.How much notice is required?

10.Will they call me?


1.Maine, New Hampshire, Mass, Conn, Vermont, Rhode Island

2.Price varies based on location and number of dancers

3.No time limits

4.Wide variety of stripper games. Making sure the bachelor is the center of attention

5.They have a driver bring them to and from show

6.No pictures allowed

7.We are always on time. Call ahead ensures best arrival.

8.No. We do accept Visa,Master,and Discover

9.Atleast 1 hour

10.Yes when they are 30 min away