Common Features

Lap Dances: A lap dance is usually performed completely nude. You are permitted to touch the dancers. The average tip for these can range from $1 to $20 based on length of dance. lap dance

Girl on Girl: Girl on girl is a live performance of lesbianism. It is sensual and sexy. All of the performers will do these demo's. Tips for these can range between $10 to $100 depending on how wild or intense the performance you want to see. girl on girl

Private Dances: Private dances are just that. They are private. For those that may be a little more timid you can still get your own dance without having everyone watching over your shoulder. Tips for these are typically $20 by the song. All the dancers perform these. private dance

Shower Dances: Shower dance is self explanatory. Tips for this range from $50 to $100. All girls do these dances. shower

Stripper Novelty Games

double header

Double Ended Dildo




Strap On's

ring toss

Anal Ring Toss

body shots

Body Shots

cigar rides

Cigar Rides


Whip Cream Licks